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discover how i became a top-notch, high-paid stunt performer

After 10 years of working in the stunt industry and conducting multiple interviews with award-winning, stunt performers, I’ve mapped out the simplest path to fast-track the ultimate career in this field.

For the very first time, you're getting the chance to learn all of my well-kept secrets as I went from being a parkour enthusiast to a world-known stunt performer.

pete davidson stunt double snl

Pete Davidson and I on the set of

The Rookie Season 2

x-men stunt double nightcrawler jesse la flair Kodi Smit-McPhee

Stuntdoubling for Kodi Smit-Mcphee for 

X-Men Apocalypse Nightcrawler

David Hornsby stunt double its always sunny in Philadelphia

Shooting with David Hornsby for Season 12 of

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Joe Keery Stunt Double Stranger things Jesse La Flair

Shooting a national Dominos commercial with

Stranger Things

actor, Joe Keery

Jesse La Flair Stuntdouble Alpha

 On the set of


with Kodi Smit-Mcphee

Austin Butler Stunt Double how to be a stuntman

Austin Butler and I on the set of

Kevin Smiths Yoga Hoser

Do you want to know how? Keep reading...

I used to be a broke stuntman...

I grew up wanting to do incredible things, and I did anything and everything that had action sports vibes, but like you, as I started to get older, I needed to get a job.

I specialize in parkour, so at one point I decided to turn this life-long passion into a real career. I quit my boring desk job in NY and moved to Los Angeles to become a stuntman!

It was HARDER than I thought.

You see, doing parkour


make you a stuntman. I didn't know that back then and I spent the following years struggling to get my career as a stunt performer off the ground. Worse, I went into $30,000 of credit card debt and


gave up. 

parkour stuntman how to be

The Problem With becoming a stuntman

If you are trying to break into the film industry and finding your first gig as a stuntman. You know how difficult it is.  

Like you, I tried many routes to get hired AND get paid. I did what most people would do, I turned to the Internet and searched for any helpful information on how to make it as a stuntman but I came up with nothing

It felt like I was trying to unearth some hidden secret, and no one really seemed to have an answer.

 but then, i've cracked the "stuntman code"

After years of trial-and-error in the stunt industry, I've finally cracked the code of getting paid to play.

Fast forward today, I've helped to create over 50 blockbuster films (X-Men, Captain Marvel, Mandalorian), been featured multiple times in guest star roles on TV and starred in over 10 national commercial.

I've made over a million dollars in my career... getting paid to live out my childhood dream of becoming a Superhero (or a pirate/ cowboy😉)

I believe that I’ve identified the key elements, personality traits, and skills (both physical and mental) for anyone who wants to have the ultimate career in the stunt industry.

I've put them all inside my new book,  How To Become A Stuntman to fast-track your success!


 the book I wish I had at the beginning of my stunt career

In this book, I will show you:

How to become a stunt performer regardless of your looks or your current skill level.

Where to get started so you so you can jump right in without wasting time figuring things out.

The personality traits, mindset, and skills you need to know to succeed in your stunt career.

How to find and land your first major job and get paid what you're worth for.

How to break one the biggest barriers of your career: becoming SAG-AFTRA

All the tools, tips, and secret tricks that you'll need to turn your dream into a reality!

And much more!

A Relatively Successful Career in Stunts Generates 

over $200,000 A YEAR

want to get paid to

do amazing things?

This book is for you if you want to:

Be a badass

Do what you really love

Get paid to have FUN

Become famous

Live your childhood dream

are you ready to get paid to play?

People ask me all the time "Jesse, can you show me how I can become a stuntman too?" and finally I'm able to present you this book.

Whether you're looking to quit your boring job and turn your passion into a career in film industry but don't know where to start, or hoping to get unstuck in your stunt career to land more gigs and get paid well, you're going to benefit from the practical steps I share in the book. 

These methods have worked for myself as well as the award-winning and top-notch stunt performers that I’ve interviewed to create this book, so grab it now by clicking the button above or below.

How do you become a hollywood stuntman

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